Sunday, 3 April 2011

Ellesmere Port

 We pulled pins at 11am on Saturday morning and joined Nb Enchantress for a cruise into Ellesmere Port.   There was  a bit of hanging about at the the entrance to the National Boat Museum while an elderly working boat was bow-hauled out of the lock we needed to get into to drop down into the lower basin where we were going to moor up.  A short blog because the the signal is a bit weak - I will give my views on the Museum here at Ellesmere in another post.
 Caxton moored up - the large gap in front of us is because there is a sunken pontoon there that another moorer warned us about.
 Nb Shad being maneovered in thge top basin.
A concrete circa 1944 barge - built in wartime austerity to reduce the use of steel

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Paul and Elaine said...

They still make concrete yachts (ferro yachts) mostly amatuer built. Easy to build and easy to repair.