Saturday, 2 April 2011

Getting out of Town..

 After a trip to Tesco's and my packhorse impression - look out Robbie Coltrane - we pulled pins and moved forward on to the water point.  Bedding and towels changed and ready for a wash we needed to brim the water tank...
 It was touch and go whether we moved because the wind was being cantankerous and holding 20 + tons to moor up was a bit of an adventure but we decided that Friday night in the countryside was preferable to Friday night in a City centre.
 The double dry-dock in the basin was being emptied whilst we watered alongside it.
 The sluice gate in the centre of the picture had been opened and the water was running out of the dock into the lower pound.
 This swan has set up home in the dry-dock. The pen is sitting on eggs and the cob is busy patrolling the basin to keep everyone away.
 Farewell Telford basin Chester..
You can have  Bridge style 1
 or bridge style 2
 or bridge style 3
Moored up near Chester Zoo - a quiet night anticipated!

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