Friday, 1 April 2011

A walk along the R. Dee and the food excuse..

View across the river Dee to the suspension bridge

Late morning yesterday myself and Jill and the four dogs set off to walk a circular walk along the banks of the R. Dee and back to the Telford Basin where we are currently moored.  It was an EXCEEDINGLY windy day, the boats had had to be retied as they banging about in the gusts but by 11ish it was bright and dry so off we toddle.  Along the City wall above the Chester Racecourse to Bridgegate where we crossed Handbridge and started out along the river embankment.

Floyd and Fletcher were in their element, in and out of the river swimming after sticks, Muttley and Baxter 'paddled'....
Looking down into the river from the bridge parapet and watching the Fire Brigade doing rescue exercises.

On our return to the City precincts, 3 hours later, and desperate for a loo we were looking for a Pub that would also welcome the dogs.  On spotting a likely candidate, blackboards outside proclaiming a welcome for all, 'this is a real pub' etc. Jill popped in to enquire if their welcome extended to people with dogs.  Returning a minute or so later with a face like thunder, I thought perhaps the mission had been in vain; an it had. 
"No sorry dear, we serve food and IT is not allowed." 
 Red rag to a ... time.  This excuse is irritating.   If pubs don't want dogs inside they are quite within their rights to bar them, it's their business after all, but using the serving of food as a 'reason' is inaccurate and disingenuous.  
Passing the next Pub, The Ship, with chap up ladder outside painting the window frame, Jill remarks that it looks too bistro to allow dogs and as we start to walk by a voice from above says, "That's a bit harsh." - no it wasn't THAT voice - "We certainly do allow dogs inside " he says, "and we serve food!"
So in we trots, ordered a pint and packet of pork scratchings for the mutts and then proceeds to order a rather pleasant lunch for ourselves! 
So, ya-boo-sucks to the first publican.  Food CAN and frequently IS served with dogs present -  so who lost out  here then? 


steve spreyer said...

Hi Lesley,
I tried to pop along a say hello at the weekend but had to dash off to Essex.

So glad to hear you are enjoying my home town and I have to say I am embarrissed by the first pub owner, we're on all like that up here honest :-) You know its odd seeing where I live on someone else's blog too.

Might pop along tonight if you are still in the basin if that is OK?


Nb Caxton said...

Hi Steve
I am loving Chester, what a tremendous place! Then you mention Essex, my part of the world, I will be back there end of this month visiting my Mother.
We pulled pins and moved out of Chester yesterday afternoon, heading towards Ellesmere Port but we will be be back next week for a day or so on our way south again.

Paul and Elaine said...

Hi Lesley
We went to a small protest rally today in Manly. The have now banned dogs from walking on the GRASS on one of our favourite harbour walks!! They must stick to the pathway only! So in theory if two people are walking with a few dogs (on leads of course) If someone is coming the other way with a pram or in a wheelchair. THEY have to go onto the grass!! Hate to get political but this is all down to one bloody greenie!
You are very lucky over there re doggie rules. Hate to say it but Australia is very dog unfriendy