Friday, 13 May 2011

Landlubbers aboard

Moored at Wolverley
 We had positioned ourselves at Kinver in anticipation of a visit from longstanding friends, Val and Alan.  They were away in their caravan and only an hour away by car so a visit and small cruise were arranged.  The two dogs had managed to get mud on both Val and Alan before they had even stepped aboard Caxton so things were off to a flying start - V&A are NOT doggie people I might add.  We planned to amble down to Wolverley and lunch in The Lock pub a moderate distance for Alan to then use my cycle and return to Kinver to collect their car; the offer of the bike was declined in favour of a taxi however. 
As we approached Wolverley lock we came across Nb Rome moored up on her home mooring, several blasts of Caxton's horn brought Graham and Evelyn out from the peace and comfort of their home to ensure that 'rabble' from Caxton kept going...  Good to see you both again folks!
We stayed overnight and moved off this morning into Kidderminster where we shopped for doggie goodies and a couple of M&S meal deals - I should have been looking for an outfit to wear for a birthday do at the end of May but my heart sinks at the thought of clothes shopping - it will be a last minute panic buy yet again.
We are now moored at Pratts Wharf just south of Kidderminster and talking of 'pratts', who lost her grip on the windlass today and is now sporting a rather fetching lump to the side off the face with a bluish tinge to enhance the battered look? Answers on a postcard...


Pip - nb Windsong said...

I suppose it's better than 'I walked into a door'!! Take more water with it, my dear!!
Lotsa love, and see you on the Staffs and Worcs in June or July
(you might be interested to know that the word verification for this comment is 'harmagra', very apt, I thought!)
Pip x

Nb Caxton said...

Himself is telling people that he clumped me for being lippy - or more lippy than usual...
Not really something to joke about if you ARE the victim of domestic violence though.
See you in June/July
X Lesley

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Poor you - windlass bashings are so painful - I know that just from the light aluminium ones that we carry!

Hope you and the crew are well - Caxton's blacking looks magnificent - glad we're not in the vicinity - we're far too shabby to moor next to you!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
We expect to see you, Richard and Indigo Dream in Brum after the BCN challenge. The wayward windlass was an ali one, long throw - it hurt like hell but no real damage done.