Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Prestwood to Kinver

 Caxton moored below the lock at Kinver
We left Prestwood at 10ish this morning and ambled down towards Kinver.  Everything was fresh from overnight rain and the canal fringe is looking verdant.  The walk was pleasant and uneventful until Fletcher spotted a couple of slices of white bread just sitting there winking at him - the couple of slices of white bread were just sitting next to an angler but Fletcher seemed to overlook this additional detail and one lunge later the couple of slices of white bread had changed ownership!  I at once got myself into Abject Apology mode and this practiced grovelling seemed to do the trick because taciturn angler was amused rather than furious.
 Hyde Lock in the sunshine.  I had just opened the lock gates for an approaching boat and was heading off up the cliff along a bridleway to walk the dogs.
 Where does this go then?
When I got back to Caxton we had neighbours..fellow bloggers, Eric and Elsie and Ben on Nb Bendigedig

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