Sunday, 26 June 2011

Hello Peoples..

Roger and Pip on the lovely Nb. Windsong
Yesterday morning Pip and Roger of Nb. Windsong arrived in Stourport, I had been pre-warned by Pip but I was just too late to hide...
They had just finished watering when I tried to sneak past with Floyd and Fletcher, but we were spotted and press ganged into getting Windsong moored up in a windblown basin.   Having arranged to meet for a drink, I continued with the dog walking which turned out to be dog-swimming session so the boys were in no state to join us at their favourite pub, The Holly Bush, where they are usually supplied with hot pork crackling as a treat.  
L-R Joe, Cassie,Pip, Roger, Me
However, Cassie, Pip and Roger's Golden Retriever wasn't going to be left out so she joined the jolly party at the Holly Bush and she got the crackling - no mention of this was made to the boys though so no letting it out of the bag...please.
After lunch Pip and I plus three mutts went for a walk on Hartlebury Common; Pip will tell you that it was a route march of marathon proportions but my version was that we went for a wee wander.
In the evening we all went out for a curry and spent 3 happy hours putting the world to rights, as you do.
It was lovely to see them again and have a few hours to spend together.
I am off to the Historic Boat rally at Braunston today, leaving Joe and the dogs to do their thing in Stourport while Nb.Windsong is away down the Severn.

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