Monday, 27 June 2011

On Parade at Glorious Braunston

 I drove to Braunston yesterday morning having dropped Joe and dogs at Hartlebury Common for their walk.  The GPS informed me that it was 60 miles; car, GPS and Lesley duly arrived and parked up in the top field where a £10 parking fee was extracted but as all proceeds were going to charity it felt money well spent.   The Wharf at Braunston was heaving with enthusiastic gongoozlers, rivet counters, kids, dogs, Morris dancers and boaters.  The cut was jammed with old working boats and some 'still working boats'.

My first port of call was the marquee to visit Lockside Antiques and to see Graham and Evelyn Booth where I bought a couple of bits and bobs for the new boat, Yarwood.   On leaving the marquee the first person I saw was Sarah Edgeson with her working boat Ling and before I knew it I was accepting her invitation to board and join the parade!  How good is that..?    On board were fellow bloggers James and Amy of  Nb Lucky Duck and before we had pulled out of the arm we were joined by Adam and Adrian of Nb Briar Rose.

 James at the helm of Nb. Ling
 Amy on the gunwale
 Adam clinging to the side
 My view as we entered the marina watched by the crowds.
The tents are the rustic accommodation for the show weekend.
 A working boat as it would normally have been seen, fully laden and low in the water
 Moored six abreast across the cut - I know there are six seven bows in this shot but the boat on the left is not moored, it is on parade.
 Following NB Kestrel out of the marina
 Nb Thea, the model for our new boat
 The laden boat moored up again
Look at the bow on this approaching, a big Woolwich  Northwich I think.  Laden, that bow would be in the water like the previous picture. 

I stayed several hours, thoroughly enjoying the spectacle, before heading back to Stourport and Caxton.
Thank you Sarah for the chance of riding 'on parade' in Nb Ling and it was lovely to meet fellow bloggers, James, Amy, Adrian and Adam and of course, Graham and Evelyn.


Halfie said...

Looks like six abreast with one more passing! Sorry I missed you - we were at Braunston the whole weekend. Missed Adam and Adrian as well.

Nb Caxton said...

Blimey Halfie either the eye sight is failing or someone has been messing with the number of fingers on my 'hand abacus'! I have corrected my error, well spotted Sir. We, Adam, Adrian and me, did look for you as soon as we spotted Shadow - the 'Herbies' were sitting on Shadow I think, but no sign of your good self. Another time, another time...
take care

Sarah said...

That's a Northwich in your last photo, large or small I can't be sure. You can tell by the more prominent stem post with the plates riveted to the side of it rather than the front as they would be on a Woolwich.

Sarah said...

As that's Bideford next to it, maybe it's Towcester?

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Sarah, good to hear from you.
I need an 'Observers Book' of historic working narrowboats!
take care