Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Last night..

Last night Joe and I, (I can't get used to the new 'Joe and me' of modern English), watched 'Terry Pratchet: Choosing to Die' a program we had recorded on Monday.  We were both deeply moved by the programme, about the right to determine how you choose to die.  Horrible disease's, Dignitas, Switzerland - you get the picture.  It seems inevitable that the UK, or perhaps England, or Scotland will eventually allow people to choose their own deaths, safeguards in place of course, and save people having to 'go' earlier because they need to get their failing bodies to a foreign Country.  You might draw conclusions about my views...


Colin, S Wales said...

Hi, I can't see anything wrong with your views.
I felt so sorry for the two men who were forced into the position to go 'early' - especially the younger man, only 42.
Been a long time since I was moved to the point of tears by a program.
I feel that there has to be a system which will protect people and allow the ones who wish to follow that path an easier, less stressful end of life.
Just how I feel.
Love following your travels by the way.

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Colin, I'm pleased that you enjoy the ramblings... I must admit that the tears come a little easier for me, but then I am a wimp.
I felt moved by the programme at a different level somehow. Moved by the bravery of the families involved and by the 'unfairness' of the current situation people find themselves in.

Carol said...

a very emotive subject indeed

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Carol
I found the program emotive as you say but the subject, to me at least, is straightfoward; I would like the opportunity/right to choose my end and I would prefer not to have to travel abroard to do achieve it. It will come eventually I think.
take care