Wednesday, 15 June 2011


I set off with the dogs late morning, calling in at the marina office to return a signed mooring contract and a  certificate of insurance for Caxton, before heading up stream to Bewdley. 
At almost the first opportunity Floyd launched himself into the river from a fishing point. 
What Floyd had failed to recognise was that he wasn't going to able to get out. 
Not a problem he thinks, bark at Mum a couple of times and she will rescue me... 
So carefully laying rucksack on the muddy bank - 'Mum' lies herself on it to avoid some of the mud, and slipping ever so gently down the bank towards the river she  reaches down  to assist the beloved hound.  She can't reach. 
Taking Floyds slip-lead she manages to get him to put his head 'in the noose'and hauls him up the bank where he shakes himself all over her and walks over the top of her prone figure to get safely to shore.
By the time we had reached Bewdley the mud had dried somewhat and there were no comments heard about poor dress standards or 'hedge backwards'...  


Anonymous said...

Wonderful! - it's what Mums do!!

Nb Caxton said...

Floyd agrees Anon.
Other responsibilities are to feed him, groom him, let him get on your lap to watch the TV, provide walks of variety and suitable interest and duration, help him over styles (that he could 'bunny-hop' if he chose to) and any other predicament that he gets himself into. - Dogs life R Us

Anonymous said...

I never realised that Stourport (and the trip there) could provide so much drama - we must put our heads together and write that doggie soap opera - all true stories!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

ps glad that Floyd was ok

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sue
What template could we use? The humour of Corrie, the darkness of Eastenders, the dodgy plots of Dallas....
Floyd says thanks, he's fine and his trampled and mud spattered 'Mum' is fine too!

Sheila said...

What we do for our dogs! Ours seems water phobic, walks round puddles!

Read your blog with interest, we are boating at the moment on Uncle Mort. Just missed you at Alvechurch going the other way, we are now in Warwick. We also spend a lot of time in Stourport, I'll look out for you next time we are there, where are you moored? Enjoy the walking.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Sheila
We are moored in the far side of the top basin where the narrow locks feed in/out. We will have our car by the end of the week so my walking can extended somewhat - enjoy your cruising!

owenbob said...

Hi Lesley
We must have passed each other on opposite sides of the river. Did you see the small day boat drifting down the river with the guy on it reading a book. He nearly crashed into me whilst Tucker and I sat on the bank as he was so engrossed in his book.
Tucker found it too hot and was looking for every shady spot he could find to lie down.
June had a great course thanks, it has given her the confidence to handle the boat on her own. She just need some practice now.
Will look you up next time we are in the stourport area.
best wishes
B J and T

Amanda said...

Ha! Loved the image. Muddy owner. Clean river washed dog!

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Bob
I saw the day boat as we made our way back from our pub lunch in Brewdley, you must have been just opposite me! Glad June had a good time and look forward to seeing the three of you soon.

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Stalker, I humiliate myself walkering into a town smeared in mud and you laff..
I'm hurt..