Thursday, 2 June 2011

Leaving Birmingham, again..

One persons 'art' and another persons mindless vandalism - you might guess where we fall..

Tuesday morning Joe returned the hire car we had used over the weekend to Enterprise and we pulled pins and set off down the Main Line to wind (turn) at the Soho/Icknield junction.

The curse of the spray can on a historic bridge
Looking westwards along the Main line as we head back into the centre of Birmingham and an appointment with the diesel boat.
Caxton alongside the Away2Service boat awaiting our turn for a tank of diesel.
Passing through the Worcester Bar

There's the Mailbox ahead including the BBC Birmingham TV and Radio Studio's - home to The Archers.
We turned sharp right on to the service point here and filled the water tank - the washing machine was already working its magic on the bedding and towels.
Selly Oak Aqueduct
I walked from Birmingham to Norton Junction but the dogs had to remain on their leads because of the number of cyclists using the towpath.  At Kings Norton we got back aboard ready to go through the Wast Hill Tunnel.
The service point at Kings Norton - the rubbish strewn outside is boaters waste including a porta potty cassette, how pleasant.
Thge entrance to Wast Hill tunnel, I had just been up front to check the tunnel light was working.
Southern portal of the tunnel, as we emerged into the light. This is a two way tunnel and we passed two boats inside quite comfortably but were struck by another boat who apparently couldn't find his 'go slow' apparatus' - couldn't find the apology that was somewhere on his tongue - or should have been, perhaps he doesn't use it much.
Caxton moored at Hopwood
We will stay here a Hopwood for a couple of days and have a root about before moving on slowly towards Worcester.


Anonymous said...

The graffiti makes me so cross - especially on historic structures - I could have cried when I saw how the engine arm aqueduct had been defaced.

Sorry to have missed you in Brum - maybe our paths will cross later in the year....

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

When Joe and I rule the world we have plans for the graffiti vandals...
I hope we get the chance to meet before the year is out.

Amanda said...

Caxton still has my vote for best head turning livery.

Paul and Elaine said...

If you ever come down to Australia, having a root about has a very different meaning.... :-)

Root rat : somebody who is constantly looking for sex.

Nb Caxton said...

Blimey Paul, you've 'outed' me!

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Amanda, let's hope that the new boat livery is equally 'head turning'!!