Saturday, 4 June 2011

Short hop to Alvechurch

Enjoying the glorious sunshine as we move south to the village of Alvechurch
 An exhausting day yesterday, travelled all of two miles and not a lock in sight.  We had stayed at Hopwood for a couple of days it was time to move on. As we had completely missed Alvechurch on our way up to Birmingham we thought to moor up 'somewhere' and have a look around.

 This was Friday so there was a lot of boat movement as it was handover day for the hirefleets.
 Out of the wooded cutting and into sunshine by Lower Bittel reservoir...
 and back into dappled shade..
 Scarfield wharf, Alvechurch, the base for the Alvechurch Boat Centre hire fleet.
We tried a number of mooring spots even getting the shears out of the top-box and hacking back the vegetation.... but we settled for a spot by bridge 61.  We walked into the village, 20mins perhaps, got a paper and some provisions and headed back to the boat to pick up the dogs and head for a pint and a packet of pork scratchings, for the dogs of course , at The Crown where we sat in the sunshine and chatted to other lucky people that were able to make the best of a wonderful summers day!

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