Sunday, 5 June 2011

Walkabout in Tardebigge

I have been rummaging about on  tinternet and found the 'Tardebigge' means tower on a hill.    This is an  area that was famous for its orchards, as is/was most of Worcestershire,  until they were grubbed up in the '70's. However, recently there has been a new orchard planted, the apples of which are being used to produce a local cider.
St. Bartholomew's circa 1776

Leaving Caxton I walked back towards the top lock and picked up a public footpath that leads up to the church of St. Bartholomew.  The dogs and I threaded  our way through sheep pasture to reach the church yard where there are a number of graves of local 'notables' to be found.   The dogs were not overly interested in hanging about whilst I read gravestones, they seem to find it boring, we soon picked up the footpath again and continued our walk.   Crossing a lane we headed out across a hay field and then came across the inevitable field full of cattle - dogs and cattle are not a good mix so we skirted the cows and picked up the footpath further along.  Sorry Mr. Farmer but think of the negative PR of having a middle aged woman trampled to death in your field... 
 I might add here that I am not fearful of cattle and I am quite prepared to wave my arms and slap cow flanks to make my way through... but the dogs are less inclined to want a close encounter with half a ton of beef.  We continued across some super countryside and wandered down car less lanes until we came across Tardebigge Farm.  Here we turned right and started back towards the canal. 
 Tardebigge Farm, early 17thC.
 And how often do you come across a footpath so well defined?  Straight through the wheat, through a wee wood, around another field of wheat and we were back at the canal.
  A couple of boats were working their way down the flight, nothing coming up though.  I am hoping that last thing tonight or first thing tomorrow a boat will make its way up and we will have all the locks in our favour.  Perhaps I am being lazy though...

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