Sunday, 5 June 2011

Having been here before...

Caxton leaving our mooring at Alvechurch

 Having been here before, on the Worcester and Birmingham canal that is, we decided to place ourselves at the summit of the Tardebigge flight of locks ahead of our descent on Sunday. 
(Sunday has now arrived and along with it the rain so we have decided to stay put until Monday)

We left Alvechurch late morning having been into the village for a newspaper, completed the crossword and drank more tea. Off we go with three and a half miles to cover.  The hire boats  had left early to get back to their bases so their was only light traffic about during the journey.
 The cut is lush with greenery and every now and then you are 'blasted' for the heady perfume of wild honeysuckle and the background scent of elderflower and dog rose.  We have two tunnels to negotiate, the Smallwood tunnel and the Tardebigge.  Neither tunnel have towpaths so the small it is over the top for the dogs and I or get back on the boat.
 Going over the top at the Smallwood tunnel our clearly defined path through this field of oats.
 A ripening barley crop alongside the towpath as we approach the Anglo Welsh base at Tardebigge before the tunnel entrance.  Here I get back on board Caxton with the dogs and check the washing machine is ready for the next load for we are going to fill with water the other side of the tunnel.
 Having serviced Caxton we go down through the top lock to moor on the 48hr moorings below the lock.  I am helped with the lock by two children out with their Dad for a walk. The kids are so excited about being able to help  - simple things!
 Being waved farewell by my helpers..
Done and dusted, moored below the top lock ready for our descent.

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