Sunday, 31 July 2011

One bad apple....

I received a comment yesterday on my post relating to  the Petty and Malicious behaviour of Ben Harp of Ben Harp Narrowboats Ltd and their appalling treatment of Tom and Jan of Nb. Waiouru.  I have taken the liberty Bob, of publishing your comment here because the likes of Ben Harp can do untold damage to reputations of all boatbuilders and that is simply NOT fair and not justified. 
Read Bob's comment below...

"When we were looking for a boatbuilder at Crick a couple of years ago we went to see Ben Harp as he was "on our radar screen". He couldn't even be bothered to get off his chair to speak to us. And he told us he was moving on to Dutch barges as he'd "done narrowboats" (about 6 of them, if I remember rightly).
Instead, we found ourselves a very nice man called Stuart Harper (Barnowl Narrow Boats) to build our boat. Never had the slightest worry that he would come up with the goods.

But then you know that already.

Regards, Bob".

And thankfully we had found the same 'very nice man', Stuart Harper, who built Caxton.
Our experience was pain free.  The boat came in on time and on price and Barnowl Narrowboats were always prepared to go the 'extra mile' to get things right for us. 
There are any number of talented trustworthy boatbuilders out there and they mustn't be tainted by the awful antics of one very bad apple. 

Furthermore, we were so impressed by our first experience of a boat build that Barnowl were the natural choice for boat number two, Nb.Yarwood and that says it all really...

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