Friday, 26 August 2011

Back on Caxton

I dropped Joe off at the outpatients department at Colchester Hospital on Wednesday morning for this second visit to the 'bone docter' where his cast was redone, his arm re-Xrayed and he was told to present himself back there in seven days time.  In seven days time the caravan would have been dragged back to storage and we would be back in Worcester; could he go to Kidderminster hospital?
Of course, BUT, would Kidderminster see him in seven days, not eight, not nine but SEVEN and would they see him without a referral from his GP?  This is a GP that neither of us has ever met, we have just signed on to a Doctor's list in the same area as our correspondence address.
So Plan B.
We had a word with the caravan site where we were staying and they agreed to drag the caravan into their storage compound after we had decamped and drag it back onto a pitch for next Tuesday when we would arrive back ahead of the hospital appointment.  
Apparently there is a piece of Joe's wrist in 'freefall' and if it has moved when the doctor next sees him then he is being kept in for an OP.

Having got the campsite agreement to our request yesterday morning we got the packed up and headed back to Stourport, 176 miles away calling in to see our new boat,Yarwood, en route. 
It was a quick takeaway and an early night last night I can tell you!


Paul and Elaine said...

One thing Australia excels in is Hospitals, medical centres etc.
If you want to see a quack any place any time just turn up.
In our little area of Manly there are at least 4 24 hour medical centres with docs, xray, pathology etc. Big difference of course is that we have to pay for most services! But health insurance isnt too expensive.
Welcome home by the way...

Nb Caxton said...

Paul and Elaine
It would have to be a VERY clever Government that managed to get health insurance in as the route to medical care. Politicians here treat the NHS as a sacred cow, it might be lame, it might be deseased, but god forbid that you should touch it. They pour more and more and more money in and it grows like Topsy - but...., it gets votes.
Don't get me wrong, it can be a great service and it often is a great service, but it is large and bloated and wasteful..
Off chest, that feels better.
take care