Wednesday, 3 August 2011

A day at the IWA festival

Brewery drays giving a demonstration in the arena

We arrived at Shobnall Fields Burton-upon-Trent (having had a argument with the SATNAV when it couldn't find Burton; until we realised that Burton-UPON-Trent was not Burton-ON-Trent.doh) and were walking into the IWA Festival site just at it opened.   All the usual exhibitors were there, displaying engines, central heating, windows, furniture, brokerage etc. but very few boats.  I only noticed one boat on the show ground though there were a few more along the cut for people to look over.  It was a shame not to see more boatbuilders and their boats but I guess that the cost of exhibiting at the primary narrowboat show, the CRICK SHOW, wipes out the budget for most boatbuilders.
Perhaps the IWA could offer an incentive to boatbuilders so they could afford to get themselves and their show boats to the IWA festival one year.. who knows it might challenge the stranglehold of the Crick event.
Stuart Harper busy speaking to prospective customers
Barnowl Narrowboats, Caxton's builder, had taken a stand and I also saw Mel Davis busy chatting to people.
Riley 1.5 or 2.5 -
My brother Robert is about to buy one of these and I have my name down to drive it!

Doing battle, and keeping the customers satisfied
A one-man-band, Chucklefoot, entertaining the crowds.
We had a lovely day, glorious sunshine and lots going on even it most of it wasn't 'boaty'.  The organisation of the event was top notch, take a bow the IWA organisers and volunteers, everything very clean, very tidy, plenty of essential amenities to hand, well done!

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