Saturday, 17 September 2011


We returned last week having spent best part of a month away from Caxton initially in Norfolk and then in Suffolk.  Our visit to Anglia was extended because of Joe and his broken arm, it requiring three visits to the nearest hospital which happened to be Colchester in Essex.  

We thoroughly enjoyed Suffolk with its many beautiful villages and small market towns.  The evidence of its prosperous past is everywhere in the size of its churches and the number and grandness of its timber-framed houses - WOOL, valuable WOOL for that is the commodity in the middle ages that provided the finances that built enormous churches and fancy houses and those in the wool trade.

The tower of Lavenham Church

Hadleigh Church

Me in the morning,....... afternoon and evening

The Tudor gate house of the Deanery in Hadleigh.  Sadly the 'Dean' ran out of money before he could build the house to go with it!!!

We managed to get a flying visit in to see family in south Essex before I had to hitch up the shed (caravan) and drag it back to its base in Lincolnshire overnighting with friends before returning to Stourport.  With Joe out of action with a broken right arm I have been doing all the driving including towing the caravan, filling water bowsers, emptying cassettes etc.  The extended driving (180 mile trips) was getting a bit of a trial for me, gone are the days when I could drive for 4/5 hours, do a full days' work and then drive home again.  But we are now back at base and hopefully Himself will have his cast off in a couple of weeks time.


Paul and Elaine said...

Welcome home.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul and Elaine - best wishes with the auction!!!
Nb. Caxton