Thursday, 1 September 2011

What are you thinking of!

I received the following comment from Anonymous about my last post on sample cabinet doors for Nb Yarwood,

 "What are you thinking of!"

As it is posed as an exclamation rather than a question I wasn't sure how to respond..  Do they actually want an explanation of our rationale for getting sample doors made or are they trying to say something else perhaps?

OK the comment is a trifle, shall we say, curt.   But I can put that aside.  And yes OK, the writer of the comment hasn't owned it by adding their name, it arrives anonymously.  But in the spirit of civility I will treat it as a genuine question rather than a than as a exclamation of horror from a member of the taste-police.

So, what we are thinking is:
We should get some sample doors made so we can decide what we want fitted in Yarwood.

The first sample, burr walnut and sapele, as shown in my last post has been rejected - far too dark.

As soon as is convenient we will revisit the door options and have a another couple of samples made using different veneers and keep on until we get the one we like. 


Lisa said...

Your doors, your boat, you pay the bill so you decide n'est pas? They can have what doors they want on THEIR boat, and pay for them,

Julie said...

Ha ha, you go for what ever you like and can live with and (raspberry sound)to anonymous. It's got s** all to do with anyone else.
I personally can't stand those boats that are floor to ceiling pale wood or scrumbling - but plenty do :)

Steve said...

Hi Lesley,
It's never a case of "What are you thinking of", but more what YOU want and not what over people think, after all Yarwood is your boat, no one elses! Just dismiss the comment and go with your taste not theirs.
By the way Yarwood is looking great, can't wait to see the fit out. What ever you choose for the doors will look great I'm sure
Steve (nbAmyJo)

Nb Caxton said...

Hi all
Thanks for taking the time to comment re this post.
I don't mind at all that people might not like a choice we make and I really don't mind that they might want to comment about it, afterall I have put it in the public domain.
I do mind when the comment is couched in such a supercilious fashion - I feel want to puncture their pomposity!