Thursday, 24 November 2011

Bit the bullet..

My brother David had been persuaded to donate an old but very comfortable chair to my care - it took a bit of persuading and I still only got my second choice but nevertheless, this venerable old Parker Knole chair was going to be completely refurbished and recovered and was going to be my very own comfortable chair aboard the  new boat Yarwood. 
Joe had managed to find another second hand chair that he found comfortable and this too was going to be refurbed and recovered in matching fabric.    Two chairs, both comfortable to their owners and covered in the same fabric, ideal solution; until...
the venerable Parker Knole collapsed - wood worm infestation had done its worst and the legs fell off when it was moved yesterday.

So we had a kind of 'sod it' moment, bit the bullet and today we visited Wilsons of Kinver, tried out the chairs for comfort and ordered two Captains Chairs... see below

They will be delivered in January directly to  Yarwood where they will be put together by the very nice man at Wilsons...


Jo (Boatwoman) said...

We have exactly the same chairs and absolutely love them xxxx

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Jo
We hope that we will be equally chuffed with them!!!
X Lesley