Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Caught slobbing

There I was yesterday morning wandering about alluringly in my jimjams and dressing gown - alright perhaps not so much alluringly as more Flo Capp - when a knock came on the side of the boat. 
"Hello" I called out
"Hello Lesley, it's Karen and Ian from Nb Tacet we thought to say hello as we are passing through Stourport."
Oh Goodness, it is approaching 10.00am and I have been caught at this late hour slobbing in my PJ's...
"I'm sorry I'm not dressed yet." I shamefully admitted, "Where are you moored I will come and find you."
They told me where they were and I hurriedly showered and dressed, waited for Joe to return with Floyd and then scurried up the towpath to find Nb Tacet on the York Street moorings.

Karen, Jumble and Ian aboard their boat Tacet

Karen and Ian and Jumble the dog invited me on board for a chat and a cuppa before they pulled pins and headed off towards Stourbridge. They have been busy filling their 'gap year' while their kids are at University and you can read about their life aboard on their blog here.
It was lovely to see you all and  best wishes for this your first winter aboard.


Ian and Karen said...

Great to meet you Lesley, look forward to meeting up and seeing Yarwood soon.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Karen
It was good to meet you three...until next time, have a good winter..