Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Little Man's lugs

Little Man, aka Floyd had to visit the Vet this morning because he has spent the last few days shaking his head and battering all and sundry with his lugs (ears).   Who needs alarm clocks when they can be awoken at two in the morning by the sound of  Labrador ears slapping about?   Anyway, nothing to worry about , just a bit of wax build-up which the Vet cleared out and because he was such a good dog, he got a doggy 'lollystick' treat. 
He is back now with his ear drops and we are £47 the poorer...  But, he's worth it!


Narrowboat DELILAH said...

Poor old Floyd - Murphy used to have the same problem with many expensive visits to the vet, we mentioned it to a Golden Retriever breeder who lives locally, she advised us to use THORNIT powder, you can get it from PETSMED.co.uk..
Murphy's ears are much better now, with a once a month check and if required 'treatment'. We hope this helps you, and of course Floyd!!!
Ian & Jane

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you the Delilah crew. I have made a note of the product and supplier so if this re-occurs we will be prepared. Floyd has never suffered with ear problems before though our previous dog, Samuel, had persistent ear problems which he just seemed to grow out of...strange.
Thanks again
Lesley...and Floyd