Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Doughnut scoffing contestants are...

Watching the blogs we spotted that fellow bloggers and continuous cruisers, NB Seyella , Nb Rock n Roll and Nb Moore2 Life had moved on to the Shroppie for their second Christmas together.  Last year while Caxton was iced -in in the centre of Birmingham, these three stalwarts were iced-in at Wheaton Aston.  
Now the Shroppie isn't far away from our current base in Stourport and by car we knew that we could outrun any attempts they might make to escape us so we  set out to find them yesterday and by lunchtime had tracked them down at Brewood.
(Truth told, we had spoken to each over by phone and arranged a visit, we didn't just descend on them)
As we crossed the bridge by the The Bridge Inn at Brewood there were Rock n Roll and Seyella rafted together awaiting us.  Charles on Moore2Life had slipped the net and moved on to Wheaton Aston but he had a date with his wife Ann who was returning from a family visit down south.

 Our host Geoff, tea maker extraordinaire..

And now to the contestants of the doughnut scoffing extravaganza... I give you

 George of Nb Rock n Roll

Mag's doing a doughnut masterclass 

 and  Mag's of Seyella, the winner of our contest as she valiantly managed two doughnuts in record time.

 and then Carol of Nb Rock n Roll, good effort Carol..

 and then the important crew members who didn't get to eat doughnuts, Megs of Seyella and
Molly of Rock n Roll.

We had a lovely visit, put the world to rights and caught up with everyone's news, enjoyed super home made soup, thank you Mags, and great company, thanks.
Until next time, have a good winter everyone..


Geoff and Mags said...

Thanks both for making the time to come up and see us. Look after yourselves, have a good one!

Nb Caxton said...

Thanks Geoff and Mags, see you soon we hope.

Anonymous said...

Doughnut scoffing champions? Well, that's a big claim given the prowess on board Indigo Dream - we will have to have a decider, maybe with Greygal!

So looking forward to seeing you out and about on the cut in Yarwood..

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

I fear that Mags of Nb. Seyella will see all rivals off!! But, as there is talk of Nb's Seyella, Matilda Rose, Yarwood, Beefur and Rocknroll being on the fens next year perhaps we could entice you all to 'show-down' in St. Ives?
X Lesley

Anonymous said...

You're on - we'll be looking for cruising opportunities (on other people's boats!) once London gets locked down for the Olympics!

Sue, nb Indigo Dream

Nb Caxton said...

You don't take much enticing Sue...See you on the Fen's
X Lesley