Thursday, 1 December 2011

Green Conscience

When I lived 'on the bank' I was quite good about recycling. This was aided and abetted by the strictures of the local authority's recycling scheme, not necessarily, in complete fairness, my eco-conscience. 
Since living on a boat I must admit that I have been less than diligent about separating my paper from my plastics from my glass teabags. This has obviously been playing on my mind because I have been looking for a solution to this failure of social responsibility and today I found it... 
I realised that perhaps in excess of 90% of what went in the old Brabantia was recyclable - if I could find some way of separating the used teabags and vegetable peelings I was on the home straight. With two Labradors on board we don't accumulate 'waste food' so compostable products are limited.
Today I tracked down the solution..a compost caddy.

Urba Kitchen Caddy (Small) - 7L Ideal for Food Waste Recycling
Size- 280mm (w) x 205mm (d) x 215mm (h)Dusty Grey Colour with robust black handleDishwasher Safe

I can easily and hygienically separate the paper from the plastic from the glass and tin when it comes to disposing of this waste and the peelings can go in the land fill or...under a hedge..


ditchcrawler said...

When we had a spotty dog, next door use to bring the remains of Sunday lunch round for him, some how they always managed to put the tea bags in with it. The dog had no problem segregating it.

Back to your recycling, how are you going to dispose of it, as there are very few recycling facilities around the system

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Ditchcrawler
We had a Bassett Hound as our family dog when I was a child and she could select each and every pea that might have found its way into her food bowl via the remains of our dinner. Each pea was carefully extracted and placed in a growing pile next to her bowl. Meal complete, bowl cleaned and the pile of peas were left for Mum to clear up - clever aren't they?

On recycling, I thought that IF there are facilities I can use them and if NOT it would all go to landfill...

Mich said...

Love following your blog and am enjoying reading about nb Yarwood.
At the end of every day, we throw all our green waste into the back of the wood burner just after we have filled it for the night. Seems to work for us

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Michelle
What a good idea, why didn't I think to do that?