Saturday, 31 December 2011

It's Christmas!!

It's Christmas day, the roast is in the oven, the veg is prepared and we (OK, mainly Me) are half way down a bottle of Crofts, the pressies have been handed out and it's pressie opening time.  Our family tradition is to open our gifts by order of age and here we are just arriving at our twenty three year old size 8, (is there really such a size?) Anna with a gift from Oxfam???

Our Niece, Anna, with a surprise gift from Oxfam..ily
A food parcel for Anna who has been living in London for the last six months and surviving on air and pot noodles!!
Mother!!! Blimey, that Pedigree ale went down well..
Brother Bob with the youngest member of the family, Ramsay dog
Ramsay's turn to open his pressie
Nephew Jack and Floyd mutt
Next year we will be having Christmas aboard Yarwood as we have had the last three Christmas's aboard Caxton but this year as we are moored up in a marina and the car is to hand we decided to do the social thing and join the family.  We have had a lovely time, if exhausting, but are now finally back aboard Caxton getting ready for the move on to the new boat.
First job today, sort out what is under the bed, oh heavens...

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