Thursday, 22 December 2011

Needing a FIX

I felt the need for a water/boat fix today.   Options are a bit limited re canals in this part of Essex, either go up to London for a bit of Regents Canal and River Lee or drive to Chelmsford for the Chelmer and Blackwater navigation.  On the other hand I could pop down to Leigh-on-Sea and enjoy the charms of the little fishing port and a bit of briney air.  Leigh won.
Arrived in Leigh just as the tide was ebbing so I was lucky enough to see a bit water before the tide receded and the mud flats were revealed.
The Ray at Leigh-on-Sea, looking west towards Hadleigh downs and Hadleigh Castle.
The downs are  where the 2012 Olympic mountain bike competition will be held.

 The shrimpers tied up and the water receding
 Water birds, Oyster Catchers Turnstones?
 Endeavour, a shrimper of 1924 vintage. 
This little lady went to Dunkirk in 1940 to rescue our boys from the beaches
 The tide has gone leaving just a puddle in the Ray. 
  Memory lane, I played on this beach 50 years ago when visiting with my Nan, say after me, arrrgh...
Endeavour beached with the modern style shrimpers behind her

I spent an hour wandering about, had lunch with Mother in a local pub and treated us to some fresh local cockles, winkles and mud shrimps for our tea.


Navelmonster said...

Hi Lesley
Wow! What memories for me too.
Catching a train from Dagenham East for a day out with my Mum.
There was a little sweetie kiosk next to the man made beach and mum used to buy me a nut ring or choc covered honeycomb.
If Dad came it always ran to a drink outside the Peter Boat and shellfish. Ooh I'm drooling.
Thanks for the post.

WB Cinnamon Girl

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Andrew
I enjoyed my visit to 'memory lane' and I am glad that you were taken there as well...
Your mention of honeycomb sent me off again as I remember Nan buying us a giant bag of the stuff (it seemed giant at the time anyway) and myself and my two brothers sharing it between us.
Happy days..

Anonymous said...

Turnstones I think your birds are.

Nb Caxton said...

Hi Mike
Thank you.. I hope I am able to recognise them in future.