Monday, 2 January 2012

And the next job..

After taking the dogs for a good long walk yesterday morning I returned to Caxton to find Himself had created a paper storm in the saloon.  All the manuals were out, all the bank statements and the contents of the drawer where all miscellaneous things find a home... were spread about.

I left him to it and cleared off to Worcester to Dunelm Mills store in search of more curtain fabric for Yarwood, packing cases and some new bedding.   My trip was successful and on my return I found Joe had filled a rubbish sack with unwanted/unneeded paper work and filed all of Caxton's manuals neatly.
Joe's next task was to clean the accumulation of brassware we have gathered for Yarwood and while he did this I tackled the fridge...I am still in there somewhere, help!!

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