Tuesday, 29 April 2008

At the Helm

We are off tomorrow for a RYA Helmsman Course on the River Trent. Although we have hired in the past and 'just got on with it' as most hirers have to, we thought that some proper tutelage would not go amiss. Nothing like added years and a large investment in a new boat to focus the mind is there?

In for a Penny..and a lot of Pounds

Our new boat, CAXTON, has now passed from concept and planning into BUILD! The shell is being constructed by Graham Reeves at at their Napton works and will be heading to Dudley in May on the back of a very large lorry. Stuart Harper, of Barnowl Narrowboats, and 'Compass Rose' fame, will then start the fit-out.

Caxton has grown from a 58ft liveaboard to a 'bit more room please liveaboard' at 63ft. Over the next few weeks we will be recording the build of our new baby and then the trials and tribulations of our time on the cut with our two shipmates, Fletcher and Floyd.

We will also bit getting our heads around this blogging lark....