Monday, 30 November 2009

All Change, No OIL Change

Overnighted at Higher Poynton just past bridge fifteen.  Below the view from the side hatch this morning looking out over the 'flash', a mining subsidence that has flooded and created a lake. The decision this morning was to stay put and for Joe to change the engine oil. We are relatively close to a municiple recycling centre so oil disposal is at hand....

Leaving Joe this morning I headed off with the two dogs for a walk - an oil change was planned so I thought I needed to make myself scarce for at least a couple of hours. 
This is ex-mining country, very EX.  I think there are the remains of fifty pits hereabouts and below is the former Engine House for one of the pits, now pressed into alternative use. 

When we returned himself was down the engine hole.  The old oil was out, the filter changed and new oil was about to be poured.

After a lunch of homemade bacon and corn chowder we set off to the local facilities to dump rubbish and cassette contents and I carried on the recycling centre to dispose of the old oil.  Ten litres of old oil.  My knuckles were scraping the pavement by the time I got there!!
Still,  that's another job jobbed as my dear Nan was fond of saying.... 

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