Sunday, 15 January 2012

Handing over

Yesterday was Caxton handover day and Russell and Tracey arrived to do the honours on behalf of the new owners Paul and Elaine who are still in Oz.    Russell and Tracey are for the time being, adoptive owners so to speak.  They came armed with the old video and recorded all the explanations of the technical stuff , "here be an engine and here be a switch" etc. and importantly, recorded the obligatory visit to the local pub WITH DOGS in tow.....this just to wind Paul up as those who read his blog will be aware of his irritation at the prohibition of anything canine in Australia. 
Sorry Paul, we couldn't resist...

Russell and Tracey, Caxton's new adoptive owners


Paul and El said...

Yes he did mention the pub!
He also said he now has plenty of bedside reading with all the manuals etc.
Thanks to Joe and yourself for making it such an easy transition.
I read your Caxton blog right from the beginning the other day so I had a better understanding of the build and how it all went together. When Caxton was launched back in 2008 I left a comment........

"She looks fantastic, good luck and all the best for your future journeys,
Paul from Sydney"
19 October 2008 12:01

I think it was meant to be!

Nb Yarwood said...

Hi Paul
You may well be right, perhaps it was meant to be.
I am sure that you will soon be over here living the dream. Caxton has been a good boat and home to us and I am certain that you and Elaine will feel the same way about her.
Best wishes for a speedy house sale and flight to Blighty!
X Lesley

Anonymous said...

Hi Lesley

I will be sad to see the end of the Caxton blog however I can't wait for the Yarwood blog to go on the move. Good luck and thank you both for sharing Caxton with us all.