Wednesday, 8 October 2008

LED anyone?

Caxton's LED wall lights being tried out.
All the lighting on Caxton is LED apart from the tunnel lamp and Stuart at Barn Owl is very impressed with the tiny draw that it all makes on the power supply. Well that was the whole idea to reduce the power consumption and it seems to have worked. There are four wall lights in the saloon and they have been switched in pairs so we can adjust the level of lighting as we require.


Abby said...

Those lights make me think of crossed fingers.
Don't think we can be there for the launch if it's Thurs but can make the weekend OK.

nb.bobcat said...

Like your LED's please tell me where you sourced them. How many led downlights have you got if any and are you happy with their level of light? What have you got light wise in the galley?

I am now having to be project manager as you know so need to find absolutely everything myself. Basically if I can cheat and borrow your ideas I'll be a happy bunny!! To date I have got two wall lights from IKEA for bedroom. And I plan on lots of downlights all through zig zag format so can have one or other set on or dare I say it both lots. Light I like light...