Sunday, 4 January 2009

Icing on the Cut

We made it through two locks and a couple of miles of iced up canal to the British Waterways services here at Kilby Bridge before abandoning any further progress today. The ice is so thick and weather conditions are due to deteriorate further so it looks as if we will be staying here for a few days. We are moored on the 48hr visitor moorings but we may be here a while...
You can see where we have broken the ice to get onto the services and had to break it again to get across onto the moorings. We were have to use boat poles to smash and clear ice just to get the boat against the arnco.

Matilda Rose is moored just in front of Caxton and in front of Matilda Rose is..BALMAHA!!! That is Daisy-the-Cat off mouse hunting...

PS. Joe wanted me to mention that when we were out walking yesterday we visited Kilby village and in Kilby village is a pub called The Dog and Gun, however, you are not welcome if you are accompanied by a dog and we presume that also applies if you have a gun? Tempting to find out though..

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