Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Night out at the Navigation

After hours 'in make-up' was this the best they could do?
My husband and I posing for the new camera in the Navigation Inn Kilby Bridge.
You ask people to get closer for the photo and this is the kind of behaviour you get!!! From the left, Joe, Graham and Jill.
The Navigation Inn was advertising a three course 'Paupers Meal' for £7.99, got to try that haven't you? The options were, homemade soup, or pate for starters, roast pork dinner, sausage casserole or Chinese duck breast and rice, fresh veg, salad, chips or pots etc. and either homemade apple pie or a chocolate mud pie, cream or custard. Excellent value and well cooked so definitely worth a visit if you are this way in the future.
Towards the end of our meal a strange chap came into the dining room waving his arms about...
Here he is again...
And here he is with is wife. Yes, it is Mo and V from Nb Balmaha. We all got together for a drink and a chat - nice evening folks, thank you.

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