Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Break OUT!

Things had got a little warmer yesterday morning so we decided to up sticks and push on towards Braunston.  Despite the appearance of clear water we broke ice much of the four mile, thirteen lock journey.   We were cheered in our ice breaking endeavour by boss at Birdingbury Wharf at the top of the Stockton flight (Kate Boats?) because they had a number of Ownership boats to get to Braunston this week for the Ownerships shindig being held this coming weekend at the Braunston Marina/wharf.
These sheds area feature of the canal and all appear to have a new roof.  Rather unusual and probably quite expensive but certainly distinctive.  I assume,(a silly thing to do I know), that the former or original roof was of this pattern perhaps?
Whilst working our way up through the locks we passed this boat, Newdigate, and something made me think that I had come across it before.  I realised that this was featured in one of the canal mags because it had been used to carry the coffin of its owner when he sadly passed away.   


Fantastic views across Ventnor Farm Marina.  This place is massive!

Looking back from Calcutt bottom lock awaiting the arrival of Caxton.
And here she is

This is out of sequence, but this  is Caxton entering a lock by the Warwickshire Flyboat Company premises.  There were some very elegant boats here.
Back To Calcutt.  Caxton has just been filled with diesel, bought coal and gas and the bits to service the Hurricane boiler. 
Here we are moored up just at the end of the lock moorings last night.

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