Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Arrived, Market Drayton

We had a lazy start yesterday morning ; thinks, that probably describes most mornings actually - anyway, we pulled pins at 10.00 and headed off on a cold, dull, misty morning towards a lunch stop at the first locks of the day at Tyrley.  I walked the six and a half miles with the dogs and catching  up with Nb Matilda Rose who had left 20mins before us, at Woodseaves Cutting.  This is the cutting that was recently blocked by a landslip.

This covered wharf at Knighton is up for sale - would suit a boatbuilder perhaps?

 Woodseaves Cutting with the cordened off obstruction

 Tyrley Wharf and the start of the five Tyrley locks.
We moored up here to have some lunch - this being a new resolution, stopping for a lunch break. So far I believe everyone is finding a 40min stop much better than our usual just cruise until we reach our planned destination. 
 Little Britain at Tyrley Wharf?
 The five Tyrley locks were in excellent condition and easy to operate but a couple had lively side streams to contend with - above
 Caxton moored up just short of Market Drayton.


eric.leech1 said...

We are still 'Dreaming the Dream' but follow your journey's on a daily basis. Strange, but it is a little odd as sometimes it feels as if we are stalking you and other times as if we are there with you (we wish). Anyway, love the posts keep em coming with the Photo's.

Nb Caxton said...

Thank you Eric I take it that us NB bloggers are helping to fuel your dreams -

Adam said...

Just wait until Audlem -- then you'll find out what lively by-washes really are!

Nb Caxton said...

A bit of crash-bang-wallop coming up then Adam?

eric.leech1 said...

Yes you are right about fuelling our dreams. We have about 20 bloggers on our 'favourites' list but there only appear to be 4-5 who blog on a dily basis, although I appreciate that getting a signal may be part of the problem. We are running at about 150mph on a daily basis so it is nice to sit down and read your blogs as it feels as if we are then slowed down to 4mph. We will keep enjoying reading your posts and looking at your wonderful photographs for as long as you continue to Post and one day we may just pull up alongside and introduce ourselves in person.