Monday, 14 March 2011

Wheaton Aston to Shebden Bridge

Set off this morning at a little after eight o'clock - there had been a hard frost overnight so things were covered in a thick ryme of frost but the sun was shining and the sky was as blue as can be.  We were heading for our first stop at Norbury Junction where we needed to see David or Simon and pay them a deposit for Caxton's appointment with their drydock and 'blacking team' at the end of April.  Caxton will be pressure washed and over four days will have three coats of blacking applied to the hull and the tunnel bands repainted.  We were given an escorted tour so we knew where to go and what to expect when we were docked..

I pointed the camera at the canal surface to take this reflection this morning.
A typical wooded cutting on the Shroppie Canal
After we had watered and disposed of rubbish at Norbury we set off  northwards with a specific instruction to look out for Nb Starcross and give it a wave - Starcross is the 2nd boat from the left - (Starcross said thanks Jim)
I had walked with the dogs from Wheaton Aston to Norbury but enough is enough and I had jumped back aboard Caxton as we approached this bridge - the infamous High Bridge with its foreshortened telegraph pole in the centre of the bridge.
And I think this chap might be a buzzard... he had flown towards the boat in a wooded cutting and by the time I had reached for the camera he/she had landed.


Starcross said...

Thanks, Lesley: Although in retrospect a "wave" is not the best thing to ask someone to give a tied up narrowboat!

Nb Caxton said...

Very droll Jim - rest assured it was but a 'ripple'