Friday, 20 November 2009

Any room at the Inn?

I left us Wednesday evening with the rain falling and the light failing. A dog walker had told us that through the next bridge was a pub with moorings - beggars can't be choosers we thinks, that will do nicely, so Jill and I hurried on ahead to have a look.

Sure enough their was the new pub and the brand new marina! No mooring bollards or rings outside the pub and the entrance to the new and almost empty marina is a hydraulically operated lift bridge, a locked hydraulically operated lift bridge no less. Jill hares off into the pub to find out how we might access 'their' marina and I find the single boater in residence. The single boater in residence turns out to be the harbour master, John. While I was having the 'can we come in for the night please' and he was telling me that 'they didn't do single night stays', Jill returns and joins me in trying to persuade said harbourmaster to let us in.
'There will be a charge.
Of course, we expect that.
It's £15 a night.
Yes each.
How about twenty quid for the both boats?
Not really, I could do £25 for both boats but you have to help me to lift the bridge.'
We helped wind up the bridge.

Apparently the brand new marina has been developed by a property developer. Charges for mooring are it seems based on market reseach in the Channel Islands and bare little relationship to what people are prepared to pay 'up north' on the inland waterways. £2500 per annum plus VAT - hence an empty marina.
Anyway we were in and secure for the night and the hostelry next door was about to provide us with some much needed sustainance...


Halfie said...

Outrageous! I think I'd have not gone there on principle.

By the way, you've mentioned that you need to be back at Whaley Bridge by the end of the month. I expect you're aware of the planned stoppage on the Marple flight, but just in case:

Brabyns Brow Bridge, Marple Flight

Monday 30 November 2009 - Thursday 17 December 2009

A stoppage to through navigation is required on the Peak Forest Canal at Brabyns Brow Bridge, to allow emergency refurbishment works to be undertaken by a third party.

British Waterways apologise for any inconvenience caused.

The towpath is also closed

(from Waterscape stoppage alerts)

Nb Yarwood said...

Thanks Halfie
We are aware of the stoppage and will be going up the flight at Marple on the preceeding Saturday. Many thanks for raising it though...
The charge for an overnight stop at Frenchies Marina is incredible isn't it? Beggars and choosers though. We were very peeved to have to pay such silly money but it solved a problem for us so...

Andy Tidy said...

I saw the marina all fenced off when I passed in April. It is a shame that stupid pricing means it is empty. If the Huddersfield Narrow needs anythinthing it needs more boat movements. Hey Ho - I guess the developer will go bust and sanity will prevail in the end. It would be good to see a thriving boating community somewhere along the canal.

Martin (Pennine Waterways) said...

You only had two more lock to go to reach the pubs and free moorings of Uppermill!