Sunday, 22 November 2009

Going over the Top

With the greatest respect to those whom that title really meant something, the soldiers in the first world war, we went for a walk today 'over the top' to see the war memorial that was erected in 1923 to commemorate those men of the Saddleworth villages that lost their lives in the Great War. The memorial was built on a ridge overlooking the villages and at 440 metres above sea level it was quite a climb.

This spot is called 'pots and pans' by the locals.  The shape of the stone outcrops and how they have been weathered and eroded is the reason for this rather domestic name.   AS we turned to set out down the hill again I telephoned  Graham and Joe to say we would meet them at the Tavern.  The Church Inn had been recommended as THE place for Sunday lunch, a pub that welcomed walkers, and dogs, and children.

The pub is next the church and I am sure that as the service finished I saw a number of the congregation head straight for their 'local'.  The place was packed, there were numerous dogs about, food was being served and no one was in the least troubled by dogs lying quietly under tables while there owners dined - what a pleasant change!

This chap belonged to the pub.

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