Sunday, 22 November 2009

Standedge Tunnel

We are moored here at Uppermill just below lock 22W. The three mile Standedge Tunnel is just ahead of us but closed for the winter. BW secure lock 24W so we are unable to get the boats any closer but we did walk up to the tunnel entrance on Friday - well you have to, don't you?

We passed this transhipment warehouse, now the home of the Huddersfield Canal Society (HCS)but formerly built to service Stonebottom Mill. The presence of our two boats has not been missed by the HCS, one of their representatives stopped to have a chat with Graham yesterday. They, the HCS, were interested in any comments we had about the canal and why so few boats use it.

My impressions - the geography in this part of the world is fascinating, you are travelling through the backbone of England, the Pennines, and it is majestic. The villages are hewn out of the stone of the hills as are the remaining Mills. This is hard country but quite beautiful and well worth a prolonged visit. To encourage more boat transits there need to be be more moorings posted. Thirty-two locks need to be in very good condition and moorings interspersed at reasonable intervals would encourage more use perhaps. Would I come back? Oh Yes, most definately.


Anonymous said...

The Huddersfield Narrow is one of our favourites - we've only been along it once and it was an unforgettable trip that we don't even need a blog to remember it (we cruised it in the Dragonfly and our log is long lost).....

So glad you've had a good time there - Richard says the walk over the hill to see the other side is worthwhile. I prefer to sit through the tunnel myself!
Sue, Indigo Dream

Andy Tidy said...

The Huddersfield Narrow Canal is, without doubt, by favourite canal on the system. Shallow and hard work but well worth the effort.
I plan to be back as soon as possible, but next time we plan to make the crossing from the Trent to the Peak Forest - and to take more than the 3 days we spent on it last time.