Wednesday, 11 August 2010

While the Cat's away...

Punting on the backs in Cambridge
With Nb Lucky Duck away visiting Birmingham, Matilda Rose and Caxton slipped quietly into Cambridge and occupied the ducks mooring on Midsummer Common.  We arrived on Thursday last and left at lunchtime on Monday, enjoying an extended weekend in one of the best City's in England.  On Saturday I went off exploring on my new bicycle, dodging and dicing with the traffic and the hoards of pedestrians and cyclists with the best of them.   This is a very special place, it is SO alive, so green, so genteel, so historic and so fascinating and we enjoyed a great mooring right in the heart of things.  

The R.Cam flows at the back of a lot of the colleges, hence the term, the backs.

The beautiful gatehouse to Trinity College

Kings College gatehouse.


Amy said...

Glad you enjoyed Cambridge. Sorry we're not around! Hope mooring on the Common was OK. Were the visitor moorings full? Technically visitors aren't allowed to moor on the Common, but it happens a lot in the Summer and the River Bailiff doesn't seem to care!

Maybe see you as we cruise back in.

Amy and James

Nb Caxton said...

Cambridge was wonderful, but you know that of course. What water bailiff? - we never saw hide nor hair of any officials but resident boaters on the common told us there would no issues with our mooring there. The Jesus Lock moorings were full each day of tupperware boats for the most part and the resident hoard of cider drinkers and homeless.
Caxton is heading back through Denver on 19th August, heading for 3 weeks mooring at Bill Fen while we truck off to Cornwall for a holiday...